Pears (Pyrus spp.: 25-50’ high x 25’ wide / full sun / zone 4)


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Pyrus spp.:  25-50’ high x 25’ wide / full sun / zone 4

Pears are the long-lived giants of the fruit tree world.  Ours are on full-sized OHxF 97 rootstock.  Pears are self-unfruitful, so require another variety nearby for pollination.

Anjou – A commercial variety that bears delicious, large pears that store well. Harvest in late October.

Bartlett – The most highly cultivated pear in Ontario, for good reason; it’s very productive and has delectable flavour.

Bonne Louise de Jersey – Very hardy & blight-resistant tree produces small, sweet fruit that keeps well. Good for the backyard producer.

Butirra Precoce Morettini – A sweet & juicy early-ripening pear that stores well. Yellow skin with red flush.

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Price: $45.00