Currant, Black,(Ribes nigrum: 3-5’ high x 3-5’ wide / full sun to part shade / zone 4)


Product Description

Ribes nigrum: 3-5’ high x 3-5’ wide / full sun to part shade / zone 4

A great berry for jams, jellies and pies, some people also like to eat them raw.  They lend a wonderful tangy flavour to preserves of all sorts, and are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants.  Some pruning is required for maximum yields, but left to itself it will still give good amounts of berries.  They can be dried for winter.


‘Ben Conan’ – A natural dwarf, growing to 3′ high, producing masses of large, black berries that make a delicious jam.

‘Ben Sarek’ – Introduced from Scotland, this hardy shrub produces large crops of big, juicy berries on a 4′ bush.

‘Ojebyn’ – A vigorous producer of large black berries, this is a popular shrub for commercial plantations.

‘Titania’ – Large, juicy berries with rich, mild flavour.  One of the most popular varieties for commercial production.

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