Hosta (Hosta spp.: 3’ wide x 2’ high / light shade to deep shade / zone 5)


Product Description

Hosta spp.:  3’ wide x 2’ high / light shade to deep shade / zone 5

If you have shade, there aren’t many better choices for edible plants than the beautiful and diverse hostas.  All hosta species are edible: they’re a cultivated vegetable in their native Japan.  When the leaves are coming up in the spring and still tightly curled little spears, cut all of them at the base (the plant will produce more – leave the second flush to leaf out); cook them for 6 or 7 minutes, add butter and salt and pepper and voila!  you have a great vegetable that’s also very low-maintenance and beautiful.  Hostas are a good choice for shady places, and make excellent ground covers.  They also have sweet, crunchy edible flowers.  We offer varieties that have huge leaves, as they provide more food: Big Daddy, Elegans and Niagara Falls.  Everybody should eat his hostas!

Price: $12.00