Pears (Pyrus spp.: 25-50’ high x 25’ wide / full sun / zone 4)


Product Description

Pyrus spp.:  25-50’ high x 25’ wide / full sun / zone 4 / Rootstock: OHxF97 Full Size

Pears are the long-lived giants of the fruit tree world.  Pears are self-unfruitful, so require another variety nearby for pollination.

Bartlett – The most highly cultivated pear in Ontario, for good reason; it’s very productive and has delectable flavour.

Doyenne du Comice – An old French variety considered one of the finest pears for fresh eating.  Fruit has pale yellow flesh and yellow skin; needs to be ripened off the tree for about a month.

Red Clapp’s Favourite – A mutation of the classic Clapp’s pear produced this delicious red-skinned variety with melting, juicy flesh.

Price: $65.00