Apples (Malus domestica: 12ʼ high x 12ʼ wide / full sun / zone 3)

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Malus domestica: 12ʼ high x 12ʼ wide / full sun / zone 3

We carry a few of the hardiest, most disease-resistant apples available for easy organic growing.

Golden Russet (B9 dwarf rootstock) – This old English russet variety bears reliable crops of apples with firm, sweet flesh that keep for months in cool storage.  Resistant to scab.

Freedon (EMLA 26 dwarf rootstock) – Excellent selection for organic production. Produces bright red apples with sweet, creamy flesh.  The name refers to ‘freedom from disease’: resistant to scab, mildew, fireblight & cedar apple rust.

Novamac (B9 dwarf rootstock) – Resistant to scab, canker, and fireblight.  Fruits is very similar to McIntosh, but sweeter.

Prima (B9 dwarf rootstock) – Another apple bred for disease-resistance, this tree bears apples that are sweet, juicy and flavourful. Resistant to scab, fireblight & mildew.

Tsugaru (B9 dwarf rootstock) – Bears very sweet apples with virtually no acidity. Disease-resistant selection from Japan. Keeps for 5 months.

Price: $45 .00