Comfrey ‘Bocking 4’, (Symphytum officinale; S. x uplandicum: 1-4’ high x 1-2’ wide / full sun to part shade / zone 4 )


Product Description

Symphytum officinale; S. x uplandicum: 1-4’ high x 1-2’ wide / full sun to part shade / zone 4 

A champion mineral accumulator, comfrey has a huge taproot that reaches down into the subsoils and concentrates the minerals in its leaves.  These can be cut three or four times a season and fed to crop plants such as fruit trees in the form of mulch.  Be careful with comfrey: it makes an excellent ground-cover but it will take over a garden if given the chance.  We offer sterile varieties that do not produce seed.  The leaves can also be used topically to slow eczema and to help heal bruises, sprains, and fractured bones, hence its pseudonym, ‘boneset.’  We offer the Russian Comfrey ‘Bocking 4,’ a sterile variety that doesn’t produce viable seed and hence doesn’t spread aggressively.

Price: $4.00