Forager’s Harvest – Samuel Thayer $30


Product Description

Reading Samuel Thayer’s books on wild edible plants was an inspiration to us.  His easy and engaging style belies a very serious approach to a fascinating relationship with food and nature.  In North America, foraging is seen as a marginal hobby, whereas in virtually every other part of the world wild edibles form an essential part of the daily diet.  Thayer infuses the topic with the respect it deserves, delving into great detail on every plant he covers.  He is very discerning about flavour and texture, and often challenges the accounts of wild plants found in other books.  He’s been eating and experimenting with wild edibles from early childhood, and his detailed descriptions of precisely when and how to harvest these plants gives the reader the tools and confidence he needs to go to the woods and try it for himself.  Many of these plants work wonderfully in an edible landscape, where the gardener can turn his yard into a forager’s paradise.