Plums (Prunus spp: 15-20’ high x 15-20’ wide / full sun / zone 5)


Product Description

Prunus spp: 15-20’ high x 15-20’ wide / full sun / zone 5

Plums are delicious when picked ripe from the tree.  They’re wonderful low-maintenance fruits that have a wide variety of flavours.  Ours are on Myrobalan full-sized rootstock.

Damson – Ancient European variety, fantastic for cooking and preserving; self-fertile.

Early Golden – A popular Japanese variety with yellow flesh with a red blush. Low susceptibility to black knot. Plant with another Japanese variety for pollination

Toka – a self-fertile American/Japanese hybrid with dark red-blue skin and yellow freestone flesh; good for fresh eating or preserving

Price: $60.00