Seedless Grape Vitis labrusca x vinifera: 50′ high x 50′ wide (if unpruned) / full sun / zone 5


Product Description

We planted seedless grapes as a shade cover in our greenhouse, and the crops have been one of the most productive and delicious on our homestead.  Seedless grapes come in a variety of colours and flavours, but haven’t found any we haven’t liked.  They produce deliciously sweet berries that are deeper in flavour than any you’ll find in the grocery stores.  They’re truly one of our favourite fruits.   They need a trellis or fence to climb, or can become a gorgeous  shade canopy when trained up a pergola.


Himrod & Interlaken – Sweet green grapes borne in tight clusters

Reliance – Purplish-red berries produced on a vigorous vine

Vanessa – Purple grapes; one of the sweetest & very beautiful, too